Working Groups
MOCS’s four working groups support the coalition's activities to ensure a mutually reinforcing plan of action.


Policy & Education
The Policy & Education Working Group seeks to educate coalition stakeholders and decision-makers to create a shared understanding of current obstacles to expungement in Missouri as well as desired outcomes.


Data Collection and Coordination
The Data Collection and Coordination Working Group seeks to identify and document all potential and necessary data sources, information gaps, and access issues related to criminal background checks and expungement.


The Technology Working Group will research, discover and implement solutions that move expungement forward for those who cannot afford lawyers more efficient and accessible. This includes developing new technologies and improving and expanding existing ones to facilitate expungement for as many qualified individuals as possible.


Streamlining Individual Expungement
The Streamlining Individual Expungements Working Group seeks to make expungement a reality for as many eligible Missourians as possible while systematic change is in process.
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10 February 2022

UMKC Expungement Project Professor Ellen Suni appeared on KCUR to talk about how the Legal Missouri initiative petition to decriminalize marijuana could impact expungement in

12 February 2022

Join us on Friday, February 25, 2022, as we examine Missouri’s Expungement Laws, Policies and Practices with the goal of improving awareness and access.