Our Mission
The Data Collection and Coordination Working Group seeks to identify and document all potential and necessary data sources, information gaps, and access issues related to criminal background checks and expungement.

When an individual wishes to clear a criminal record, he or she must obtain detailed criminal history information from a variety of sources. Since necessary data is siloed in different agencies, the process is complex and confusing.

As a working group, we seek to create a data map which identifies and documents the information housed by various data sources, as well as integration or connection opportunities. We will also:

  • Identify, locate and determine access to relevant data
  • Facilitate discussions among data holders
  • Explore opportunities for use of application programming interfaces (API)
  • Tailor query-based record clearance efforts to available data infrastructures
  • Brainstorm ways to make record clearance accessible, automatic and efficient
  • Develop consensus on measures of success
  • Assure secure and federally compliant methods of resource sharing

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